Le Domaine

It is only due to the wonderful terroir and the fantastic climate and conditions that we are able to produce such magnificent, characterful wines and Armagnac. We take great care of our soil and our vines and, with much attention to detail, create a range of excellent, regionally typical products that have been awarded numerous international distinctions.

Wine cellar

Adjacent to the Château de Gensac and the 14th century chapel is our state-of-the-art wine cellar. We use highest quality equipment to ensure modern vinification, after which our red wines and Armagnacs are kept in the very best French oak barrels to reach perfection.


Natural horsemanship is at the heart of our philosophy when working with our horses. We spend a great deal of time and attention to ensure they live well and receive the best care. They are free to wander in small herds across nearly 50 hectares of pasture – giving GENSAC its true charm and splendour.


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